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2.67 3.33 2.67 2.33 2.75
Jul 19, 2010
1 1 1 1 1.00
This place is beautiful, so if you're looking for ambiance, and prices are not an issue, this is the place to be.... just as long as you're not looking for anything else. While I give them credit for attempting to raise the bar for the Fitchburg area, the attempt is shoddy at best and they really need to find a happy medium. First, they need to take into consideration that they are located in a very blue-collar community, and they're walking distance from a college. There aren't many people within their core demographic who have the kind of money they're asking them to throw down. Second, the drinks are poorly made because the bartenders are never trained (I know this because I was one) There is no uniform standard of service, and the focus is on volume rather than quality. While I was working there, I actually witnessed a woman who was CLEARLY way too drunk, giving a guy a hand-job at the bar. When I asked the manager what I should do because it was making all the other customers uncomfortable he said "sell her a drink, then her hands will be busy." In other cases, when customers were too intoxicated and I feared for their safety and didn't feel comfortable serving them anymore I was told "just don't make eye contact. If they try to get your attention, ignore them. But DON'T tell them you're not serving them anymore" So if you've ever had a problem getting a drink there, chances are you've been shut off and it's probably best to call yourself a cab and call it a night. However, I can't say it's all bad. The food is delicious, although pricey. Wednesday is karaoke night, which can be fun. Thursdays they usually have REAL live music. (as in people playing instruments, not a DJ... although they like to advertise DJs as "live music") Earlier in the week is better if you want quality service and face time with your bartender. But if you go Fridays and Saturdays, they don't have bartenders they have inaccessible, assembly-line drink makers with big smiles, and good posture but no personality or quality of service. Yes, I am a former employee, and my distaste for the place is most likely tainted by my experiences working there. But I know what goes on behind the scenes and why things run so poorly. The place isn't managed properly. For all it's pretentiousness and glittering facade... there isn't an ounce of professionalism in the whole bar and their lofty ambitions fall MILES short of the mark. You'd be better off going to the Boulder or Beemer's or, if you like the DJ scene check out 24 in Gardner. It's a longer drive and a bit more casual, but the service is better, the drinks are more reasonably priced. 
B. H.
Jun 17, 2009
2 4 2 1 2.25
To expensive. The food sucks. I've seen much better!! 
Nov 21, 2007
5 5 5 5 5.00
What a GREAT place! Once you walk in the door, it's not like you're in Fitchburg, but more like Boston or even Manhattan! The drinks are great and the environment is incredible. I would recommend you check it out! 

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