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General Information: 424 Belmont St
Worcester, MA 01604
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Food: Middle Eastern

Enjoy Baba Ghanoosh, grape leaves, shawarma and kibbee, along with many other authentic Middle Eastern specialties, served in a casual friendly atmosphere at these fine restaurants. Middle Eastern fare at a very reasonable price. It's no wonder El-Basha has been voted Worcester's favorite Middle Eastern Restaurant year after year.

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4 El Basha Restaurant Reviews
ReviewerServiceSelectionQualityAtmosphereAverage Rating
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2.50 2.50 2.75 3.25 2.75
Apr 27, 2009
5 4 4 5 4.50
I would just first of all like to point out that I am quite disappointed with the reviews that El Basha has received on Social Web. It's not every day that you walk into a restaurant and feel at home, like you do at the El Basha on Park Ave. My husband and I have been going to the Park Ave location for years and have enjoyed it every single time. We have become close to the waitstaff that has pretty much worked there ever since this establishment has opened, so it is very hard to understand where the customer was coming from when they stated that the service was bad. Truthfully the waitstaff on Park Ave is what makes us come back everytime. We never have to wait for drinks and the waitstaff is always trying to encourage us to try new things which are generally very good (We generally get the chicken port saiid and fatouch but with a little help we sometimes will change it up.) There has never been a time that we were disappointed with this restaurant and we have brought friend's down to this location who have told us they have gone back and have loved it just as much as the first time. The food is very reasonable in price and good. So if you want a decent meal and great service, I would definately recommend this restaurant.  
Nov 10, 2007
3 3 3 3 3.00
Agree that this place is over-rated and over-priced. Hint: white tablecloths & napkins and a menu with fancy script font mean high prices. The food was disappointing and the atmosphere leaves much to be desired. Disappointed, especially considering some of the excellent Moroccan restaurants I've eaten at in other cities/states. 
Mar 23, 2006
1 2 1 2 1.50
I tried El Basha on Belmont St, as well as the new one in Westboro. Both restaurants offer a pleasant atmosphere, but that's about the only positive. The service is incredibly inconsiderate. The food is of an insultingly cheap quality. When you pay $12 for lunch, you would expect at least a decent meal. I went with colleagues to the Westboro location, and were offered a table in a dark corner near the kitchen, while the place was mostly empty with plenty of seating near the large windows. As soon as we sat down, we were handed the menus, and the waitress took out her notebook and asked for our orders (!!!) Why give us menus if you won't wait for us to look at them? I ordered a beef shish kabob, medium well. While waiting for the orders we expected the customary complimentary appetizer that you get in any half decent restaurant (pita with hummus or tahina dip in Middle Eastern restaurants), but nothing. It didn't take long for the orders to land on the table. My kabob dish was disappointing: 4 small cubes of grilled beef, burnt on the outside, raw on the inside, on a bed of rice, a few chunks of raw onion, and two slices of tomato. None of the traditional dish garnishing. The only spice they seem to have used was salt. My lunch looked sadly like a cheap and tasteless TV dinner that you buy frozen by the dozen at your local 7-11/gas station combo store. A traditional shish kabob needs to be marinated in olive oil, garlic, cumin, cinnamon, nutmeg, citrus, crushed fresh herbs, and other spices and ingredients, and then tenderly grilled; and here's how I'd have expected the dish to look like: http://www.alfanoose.com/images/shish.jpg Overall, it was very disappointing. That restaurant is incredibly overrated in the Worcester area, and, quite frankly, that reflects embarrassingly on the culinary scene of this region. 
Jul 21, 2005
1 1 3 3 2.00
I had been wanting to visit el-basha for a long time, but somehow we always managed to reach the restaurant on a Sunday which happens to be the Friday for a middle-eastern restaurant( isn't that surprising, have you heard of any restauarant closed on a Sunday ?). Anyway, we finally managed to visit this "famous" restaurant on a weekday i.e yesterday the 20th of July 2005 for dinner. We entered the place and waited to be ushered in(5 mins) no signs of the usherer( and the place was empty except for two couples). The waitress seated us, handed out the menu card and within 2-3 mins asked us if we ready to order- meanwhile no pleasenteries ,(Good evening, hello, how are you doing , I am going to be your server ? ) were exchanged. We ordered and the food was served right away. We finished the meal in about 20 mins during which the waiteress did not come by a single time to see how we were doing or did we need something. After the food, there was still no sight of the server/waiteress, so I stood up thinking this would signal the waitress to get our cheque. Nothing happened, still no one came. Finally I sent my son to fetch the waitress from the employees room located past the bar. She came, handed out the cheque. Still no pleasenteries or questions if we liked the food, did we wanted to order to some dessert. As we came out I found two waiteresses sitting on the stoop and chatting away happily. I wonder how the people of Worcester have voted it as one of the best Middle eastern restaurant when the service there is beyond lousy. I will never tout this restaurant to anyone. I have lived in the middle east and seen the kind of courtsey they extend to their customer which is pivotal in the food service industry. 

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