Webinar: Discover How and Why People with Rh- Blood Type are Behind the COVID-19 Tyranny

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Date & Time: Saturday, August 1, 2020 - Sunday, December 1, 2030
Suggested Audiences: Elders, Adult, College, High School
Location: Online
Cost: Free
Description: COVID-19 is a part of the "AGENDA-21" Plan to Enslave Humanity.

The rhetoric about the "WAR ON COVID-19" actually means the "WAR ON HUMANITY".

COVID-19 is not a disease, and there is no virus nor pandemic, but COVID-19 is a lifestyle and military operation being imposed to enslave mankind.

Social isolation is one of the key processes in which they will be able to achieve this agenda, by people's overbearing compliance to the tyrannical guidelines.

People who are behind this grand hoax have a blood type known as "Rhesus Negative Blood Type" or Rh- who dominate the Medical, Military and Government Industries.

In fact, most people are unaware that is extremely difficult for many people to get a job in the Medical Industry who does not have the Rh- Blood Factor.
And in the Military it is also preferred.

Rh- Blood types are extremely dangerous, and have other malevolent traits in which they manipulate and control others, even with the victim not realizing it. All people who
possess this blood type ruin families, societies and infiltrate institutions to eventually permanently destroy people and their well-being.

In this webinar, we will expose the "Hive Mindset" and other Influential tendencies that this bloodline uses to brainwash, condition and impose tyranny on people,
in particular with a focus on many of the agendas behind COVID-19 which also play into AGENDA-21 and AGENDA-2030, which including the removal of Private Property
and Elimination of Food and Implementation of Communist Dictatorship via the UN.

This "Hive Mindset" of the members in these industries who have this blood type, is in fact is what allowed a nearly immediate and pervasive lockstep approach in that up to 184 countries
complied, gave in and obeyed to the COVID-19 dictates and has gone along with everything so steadfastly. We will explore all depths of this topic and how the Lockdowns have been an event for
the New World Order agents to test the waters for world dictatorship, and prime the citizens of the world for the trans-humanist world of technological enslavement to come.

Mask Wearing, Social Distancing and other practices and procedures that have been conditioned into people is designed to destroy and break them down to control them and also
as part of a plan for large-scale population reduction of the world.

If interested in this event, you must respond to us with your expressed interest and we will follow-up with information and details for the Webinar.
More Information: E-mail: prussianrevivalist@mail.com
Phone: 626-201-2237
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