SEMINAR - "Light-matter interactions for optical interrogation and control of micro/nanoscale dynamics", by Dr. Yuxiang Liu, Postdoctoral Researcher, Center for Nanoscale Science & Technology, National Institute of Standards & Technology, Gaithersburg, MD

Education - Colloquium - WPI Only

Wednesday, March 13, 2013
10:00 AM-11:00 AM

Higgins Laboratories
HL 202

Light-matter interactions at micro- and nanoscale are of great interest, which enable non-invasive interrogation and control of mechanical behaviors via optics with high sensitivity and flexibility.

The first part of my talk will focus on optical fiber based optical tweezers. Optical tweezers have been widely used for manipulation of micro- and nanoparticles. Compared with conventional optical tweezers built with microscope objectives, optical tweezers based on optical fibers provide a compact and versatile solution with a low cost, which can be potentially integrated into a lab-on-a-chip system. Novel approaches in the development of optical fiber tweezers will be discussed to address the challenges in existing fiber optical tweezers, including limited functionalities and weak trapping efficiency. These results open a broad range of novel applications of fiber optical tweezers in lab-on-a-chip systems and biomedical diagnosis.

In the second part of this talk, our recent progress on chip-scale cavity optomechanics will be presented. When a nanomechanical resonator is coupled to an optical resonator, strong radiation pressure interactions have led to unprecedented scientific findings and applications, including sensitive displacement readout and energy interchange between optics and mechanics. We demonstrated high displacement sensitivity (up to sub-fm/(Hz)^(1/2)) for atomic force microscopy and electromagnetically induced transparency for wide-band wavelength conversion, both in monolithic cavity optomechanical devices. Our results suggest great potential of cavity optomechanics in precision measurements and control of nanomechanics and biomechanics.

Suggested Audiences: College

Phone: 508-831-5236

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