Seminar Series: Catherine Kuo, PhD (Tufts) Embryonically Inspired Mechanoregulation of Stem Cell Tenogenesis

Science / Technology - Lecture/Discussion - WPI Only

Wednesday, November 28, 2012
4:00 PM-5:00 PM

Gateway Park
GP 1002

Working at the intersection of embryogenesis, stem cell biology, scaffold and bioreactor technology, we are focused on developing embryonically inspired tissue regeneration strategies for tendons and ligaments. Tendons and ligaments are critical tissues of the musculoskeletal system that transfer forces from muscle to bone and stabilize joint structures. Unlike regenerative musculoskeletal tissues such as bone and despite surgical intervention, injured or diseased tendon and ligament are challenged by reparative wound healing responses that result in scar tissue and mechanical dysfunction. Stem cells offer the promise of new tissue regeneration to overcome these challenges, though this has yet to be realized. We postulate that this is due in part to a relatively limited understanding of the normal developmental program of these connective tissues. This limited understanding results in few known biochemical and mechanical cues with which to direct new tissue formation. This talk will focus on some of the efforts in the Kuo Lab’s research program to identify exogenous cues with which to inform tenogenic stem cell differentiation and new tissue formation: characterization of structure-property relationships of developing embryonic tendon and ligament; elucidation of the effects of dynamic mechanical loading on tendon and ligament progenitor cells; and chemo- and mechanoregulation of stem cell differentiation.

Suggested Audiences: Adult, College


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