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ECE Graduate Seminar Lecture

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Thursday, April 11, 2013
11:00 AM-11:50 AM

Atwater Kent Laboratories
AK 219

What You Need to Think About If You Want to Create a VR Surgical Simulator

Dwight Meglan, PhD
Chief Technology Officer, SimQuest

Computation-centric surgical simulators have emerged to address specific training needs in minimally invasive surgical (MIS) procedures, especially in laparoscopy, flexible endoscopy, and endovascular. This first generation of simulators is now widely used for specific skills training. Most MIS-centric professional societies now embrace simulation as an integral part of their educational process going forward. However, while comprehensive curricula spanning the breadth of skills that must be learned are available for surgical specialties, integrated simulation-based experiences covering these curricula are not widely available. Instead, the current simulators are often a patchwork of content. As a result, there is a large need to additional simulators in minimally invasive as well as in the unaddressed area of open incision/access surgical procedures.

This presentation will provide insight on how to go about creating simulators to meet these need areas. It will survey of the development of simulation-based training systems to date, show how specific opportunities for new simulators can be identified, and describe how these simulators can be constructed and assessed relative to their correctness and effectiveness in teaching physical surgical skills.

Dr. Dwight Meglan, whose doctorate is in Mechanical Engineering, has applied simulation and robotics to medicine for more 20 years. He has worked with a number of high technology medical startup companies developing commercial surgical simulators and surgical robots. His early work was in orthopedic biomechanics at Ohio State with a postdoc at Mayo Clinic. He left a tenure track position at Mayo so he could stay involved in the hands-on work in creating simulators and robots to enhance healthcare.

Host: Professor Peder Pedersen

Suggested Audiences: College


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