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"Nanotechnology and imaging in medicine: from nanoparticles to signal-amplifying probes." Dr. Alexei Bogdanov(UMASS Medical School)

Science / Technology - Lecture/Discussion

Wednesday, April 3, 2013
4:00 PM-5:00 PM

Gateway Park
GP 1002

My current research program (Program in Molecular Imaging, Department of Radiology, University of Massachusetts Medical School) has evolved from my long-term interest in application of molecular imaging approaches in living systems using novel emerging as well as established cross-sectional in vivo imaging modalities, e.g. fluorescence lifetime tomography, photoacoustic imaging and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). I am specifically interested in imaging cellular responses and process in their native microenvironments in vivo. In this vein, my laboratory recently designed and synthesized a number of novel imaging sensors that function as probes/substrates for detecting these responses. This direction of research builds on our previous accomplishments in investigating imaging using non-invasive in vivo microscopy as well as for in vivo imaging of proteolytic activity in tumor compartments in living animal models of cancer. We seek parallels of phenomena observed in animal models in human disease for the purpose of potential clinical translation of imaging sensors. For example, we recently explored a novel in vivo fluorescence lifetime based setup to image myocardial inflammation in live animals using human endothelium-targeted nanoparticles and nano-sized fluorescent sensors. This approach is translatable and is further facilitated by the fact that the macromolecular carrier used in our studies has been tested in Phase I clinical trials.

Suggested Audiences: College, Adult


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