SEMINAR - Mechatronic Considerations for Mismatched Robotic Systems, by Wenjie Chen, Ph.D., Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of California, Berkeley

Education - Colloquium - WPI Only

Monday, March 4, 2013
11:00 AM-12:00 PM

Higgins Laboratories
HL 102

Mismatched behaviors commonly exist in various robotic systems, such as industrial robots and assistive robotics, preventing the high performance from being attained. These mismatched behaviors can be characterized into three categories: mismatched kinematics (e.g., robot kinematics does not directly follow desired kinematics of the subject), mismatched dynamics (e.g., robot disturbance dynamics and control input are in different channels and thus direct compensation is not possible), and mismatched sensing (e.g., robot sensor configuration cannot directly measure desired robot state/information).

To handle these mismatched issues, holistic mechatronic considerations from the design, control, and sensing perspectives are essential. In this talk, we discuss how to achieve this objective through various mechatronic approaches from these aspects. Particularly, the advanced control and sensor fusion methods (with data-driven, learning, or adaptive capabilities), performed in a decoupled dual-stage fashion, are introduced and practically validated, with superior performance in applications to industrial precision robots as well as potential extensions to assistive robotics.

Suggested Audiences: College

Phone: 508-831-5236

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