BCB Faculty Candidate Seminar - Dr. Tomá Helikar

Science / Technology - Lecture/Discussion - WPI Only

Tuesday, January 29, 2013
4:15 PM-5:00 PM

Gateway Park
Seminar Room GP1002

Large-scale dynamical models of biochemical networks in healthy and diseased cells

BCB Faculty Candidate
Tomá Helikar, Ph.D.
University of Nebraska

Abstract: Despite decades of new discoveries in biomedical research, the overwhelming complexity of the cell has been a significant barrier to a fundamental understanding of how the cell works as a whole in a healthy or diseased state. The complex biochemical pathways involved in regulation of one area of the cell (so complex a researcher could spend their entire career working in that area alone) are so interconnected to other, equally complex areas such that all of the different pathway systems must be studied from a systems perspective if any of the individual ones are to be fully understood. The power of systems biology, coupled with computational modeling, lies in the potential to radically change our understanding of the function of complex networks in the cell, how they can be perturbed to cause disease, and what is required to design rational interventions.

In this talk, presented will be case studies involving the application of a rule-based modeling approach to study the dynamics of large-scale signal transduction networks in breast cancer as well as the molecular mechanism of the influenza replication cycle. Finally, a new technology for collaborative systems biology research, the Cell Collective, will be demonstrated.

Suggested Audiences: High School, College

E-mail: cwebb@wpi.edu
Phone: 508-831-4111

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