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Analysis/PDE Seminar-Adrian Muntean (TU Eindhoven)-Mathematics of concrete: Case studies in non-periodic averaging

Mathematics - Colloquium

Tuesday, January 21, 2014
4:00 PM-5:00 PM

Stratton Hall

ABSTRACT: I will focus on a simple reaction-diffusion scenario (sulphuric acid attack) taking place in an unsaturated chemically-active material (concrete). Deviating from the standard assumption of uniform periodicity of the distribution of microstructures (here: pores, voids), I consider locally periodic arrays of pores and then scale up the PDE system to an observable (macroscopic) level, where non-destructive macroscopic measurements can be done. My working technique relies on uniform energy-like estimates in variable Bochner spaces exploiting the structure of the micro-macro transmission conditions. The technique provides not only effective coefficients and fluxes, but also ensures rigorous corrector estimates (convergence rates) on both concentrations and transport fluxes -- quantitative measures of the error produced by the averaging procedure.

Suggested Audiences: Adult, College


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