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GRADUATE SEMINAR - Emergent Behavior of Swarms as Deformable Bodies, by Professor Suhada Jayasuriya, Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL

Education - Colloquium - WPI Only

Wednesday, October 31, 2012
2:00 PM-3:00 PM

Higgins Laboratories

Considered is a continuum approach for controlling the motion of a swarm of particles (“agents”) where the control
objective is to move the swarm from an initial reference configuration to a final configuration possibly of a
different shape and size, avoid obstacles and inter-agent collisions while satisfying hard constraints on agent
kinematics. The agents are considered to be inside a prescribed domain and it is assumed that the task is to move
the swarm so that at the final time the agents are confined to a final domain of possibly different size, shape
and orientation. It is shown that the agents can locally control their motions so that a collision free transfer
respecting all agent constraints can be achieved with minimal inter-agent communication. At the nucleus of this
approach is the “deformation of the group shape from a given reference configuration to a desired configuration”.
The key idea is to find an appropriate homeomorphism between the initial and final configurations that respect
all agent constraints. We show that a class of homogeneous transformations has very beneficial attributes. In
particular, each particle or agent has a well-defined path that is based solely on its reference position. Also
presented will be some ideas on utilizing minimum communication among agents so that a set of leader agents can
guide the swarm without communicating the motion map to each agent. The latter leads to distributed steering
utilizing a weighted communication protocol that is built around the key features of homogeneous mappings. Some
simulation results will be given.

Suggested Audiences: College

Phone: 508-831-5459

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