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Dream Nation: Puerto Rican Culture & the Fictions of Independence

Multicultural - Lecture/Discussion

Tuesday, October 29, 2013
4:00 PM-6:00 PM

Dana Commons
Higgins Lounge

Higgins Faculty Series
In a world in which Chechen, Catalan, Scottish and Sri Lankan nationalists, among others, command significant attention calling for national liberation, Puerto Ricans have perplexingly rejected political independence while choosing dependent status options: commonwealth or statehood. Professor María Acosta Cruz (Foreign Languages and Literatures) explores Puerto Rico as a nation that has consistently chosen a dual path: the cultural expression and yearning for national sovereignty is counterbalanced with the economic and political dependency on the U.S preferred by voters on the island and by their brethren in the States. Given that political reality, why are themes of independence still so powerful in Puerto Rican culture? How does the dream of an independent nation enhance what being a Puerto Rican means?

Cost: free

Suggested Audiences: College, Adult

Phone: 508-793-7479

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